Software Development

Our software development expertise has both breadth of knowledge and specialist focus where it counts, whether you require a web based solution, backend, big data, e-commerce or mobile development. We have developed, deployed and maintained solutions across many stacks including .NET (C#, F#, ASP.NET), python, Go, PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and databases including SQL Server, MySQL, RavenDB, ElasticSearch and many more.

Cloud Services

We have many years of experience collaborating and deploying solutions with our preferred major cloud providers including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Rackspace.

Do you have a web site (or sites) that need to be online today? Do you want to bring an entire server to the cloud?

Would you like the assurance and efficiency that comes from hosting having your email with the best? We can help you decide between, and migrate to, Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Office 365 and Rackspace Email Hosting.

Systems Integration & Administration

Is your business-critical data backed up? Is your organization secure from attack or theft? Do you need help with an Exchange, Sharepoint, or another solution hosted in house or externally?

Do you or your employees have the right hardware to get the job done? Are you undertaking a mission-critical project which cannot afford to go wrong?

You may not have a problem today, you may know your business could operate more efficiently. Don’t let your competitive advantages be lost, whether your in-house software or hardware is out of date or Software as a Service can transform aspects of your business, we will provide you the best solution delivered with honesty and integrity.


Do you have a problem with your computer or mobile (Windows, Mac, Android or iOS), server, or some other software or service?

Whether you are in New Zealand or anywhere in the world, an individual, part of a business, or at 2am on a Sunday morning – we can help 24/7/365!

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